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Appearing Tendencies: the Industry of Handicrafts

Electronic trade (electronic commerce) is more and more discussed and written about in today’s economic systems based on knowledge. Though is now it is not international it is co-ordinated definitions of electronic commerce, OECD (the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) defines transactions of electronic commerce as: sale or purchase of the goods or services, whether between firms, house economy, people, the governments, and other public or private organisations spent on networks established by the computer. The goods and services are ordered on those networks, but payment and definitive delivery of advantage or service can be spent on or oflayn. The concept of electronic commerce is stretched in communications, encouragement, servicing, statistics, and samples of use. However, often passed, investigating acceptance of electronic commerce or refusal social and cultural influence of carrying out of usual business transactions on the Internet.
Absence co-ordinated definition for electronic commerce creates a problem, comparing methods of electronic commerce in the various countries. For some people electronic commerce is limited by transactions of a credit card which take place on the Internet. For others electronic commerce means to use any electronic device, to buy the goods or services. All process of electronic commerce is combined and the meticulous and well informed planning demands to succeed. Firms should look out of problems such as that products and services to offer how to project and support door, and how to address with safety leaves. They should investigate close less material, but equally important problems, such as social and cultural norms in area; viable strategy of financing, and formation of strategic associations.
Electronic commerce can be divided into first of all three categories:
• Business to the Consumer (B2C): where the enterprises sell directly to the consumer, often being switched off (‘disintermediating’) wholesale dealers or ‘bricks and mortar’ retail exits. B2C – usually understood form of Internet business – online so symbolised by retail sellers, such as the bookseller and the general Amazon the retail seller (, whom some credit with ‘inventing’ electronic commerce. The most successful trade B2C was with standard products, such as CD, books, the software, loaded music etc. Many the high quality companies, such as Amazon and Yahoo! However should get nevertheless profit, even in the USA where electronic commerce is the most advanced.
• Business to Business (B2B): where the enterprises use ICT22and the Internet to increase the whole range of business to kinds of business activity. It includes raw materials and delivery acquisition, communication with contractors and commercial channels, serving the clients co-operating with partners, the integrated data control and knowledge, etc. actions B2B can take place through both popular networks (such as the Internet) and private systems. As purchase of the companies in much considerable quantities than consumers, B2B as expect, will be most quickly growing sector of electronic commerce, making 80 % to 2005.
• Business to the government (B2G): where firms trade directly with government agencies and agencies for public acquisition (eg deliveries for hospitals, schools and other governmental contracts).
India: Direct marketing of Products Artisanal for example uses the information and technologies of communications (ICTs) to create the bridge between artisanal groups in India and their potential markets. These earlier isolated groups can be based now on local knowledge and use ICTs, to develop an all-round, profitable way to sell their products globally. Four groups of handicraftsmen participated in this pilot project.
The message depicts in general the steps made to enter electronic commerce to these isolated communities, and discusses a part from project’s successes and refusals. Four experimental sites have been established
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I hope that the future of electronic commerce will bring to all talented handicraftsmen in the remote villages to a global platform which serves them more actually and can appear as one of the most solving aggressive marketing effort.

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